General Manager – Various Locations

Reporting to:CEO/COO
Experience:Candidate should have more than 10 years or relevant experience in setting and running of timeshare business.

Key accountabilities & responsibilities
  • Candidate should able to run the program independently.
  • Working at the financial of the program in coordination with CEO/COO and Hotel owners and affiliated partners.
  • Coordination with unit head for smooth execution, services and financial transactions at the unit.
  • To ensure timely delivery of budgeted sales, cost compliances, maintenance charges, and efficient services to the guest.
  • To provide the training to all the resources including corporate team, unit operation and finance, affiliate partners and hotel owners.
  • Maintaining P&L and data base for regular review and discussion with unit finance and corporate team.
  • Handling interaction with customers for effective resolution of customer grievances and obtaining feedback.
  • Assisting team members in planning the member’s holiday.
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction matrices by providing pre & post sale assistance.
  • To ensure that regular promotions are introduce at various platforms.
  • Maintenance of monthly MIS and the presentation before the timeline Set out by the Management.