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This is our Loyalty Program Vertical under the aegis of Elijah Hotels & Resorts. The program intends to explore your hotel's spacious Rooms and F&B potential by stitching together sales, marketing & revenue with no upfront investment or cost involved. The highlight of the program is to drive customers to your hotel from varied markets by working on creating visibility, branding & attractive sales pitch. Room and F&B predominantly in hotels is a huge recurring expense with fixed costs like manpower, space, inventory of raw materials & HLP. The ancillary revenue stream of Rooms & F&B normally remains unutilized due to the constraints of marketing, resources & expensive network cost.

We are initiating the program to help you capitalize on this opportunity. If you have worked on this program earlier, we urge you to reach out to us to share newer revenue options through this customer base. The Option of Rooms as well as F&B clusters in hotels today are facing stiff competition from different aggregators to stay positive on the financials. The usage of the loyalty program gets you a fresh customer base which is looking to explore stay & F&B options during their stay. They are also tempted to dine within the premises with the coupons thus bringing in higher yields for the hotel.

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Hotels Connected to Our Loyalty Program