Brand Story 

Inspired by an almost magical creature, the Morpho Group is named after the Morpho Butterfly, known for its vivid appearance. When in flight, a play of light makes the butterfly appear in striking flashes of blue. Similarly, the Morpho Group works toward adding a flash of colour to its partner properties, with the right play of quality & service.

The Morpho transforms itself through various phases in its lifecycle. Like butterflies, from caterpillar to chrysalis; a new hotel to a new look, the Morpho Group assists properties through their transformation, no matter what stage they may be in. Adapting and evolving over the course of time is necessary, particularly in this new age of technology.

Deluxe Room

Butterflies are indicators of a healthy ecosystem. Motivated by this, the Morpho Group is committed to creating a healthy ecosystem for all those associated with it. Be it guests, employees, or partners; every individual must benefit from the Morpho Group. We have always prioritized hygiene and followed the basic protocols to have a healthy environment at Morpho Hotels.

These delicate creatures have weathered every storm for centuries now and just as they symbolize change, growth, and hope, the Morpho Group will do the same for the hospitality sector.

We aspire to create our own segment of affordable & accessible hotels with disruptive management practices & end-to-end support. We strive to take the traditional values of the hospitality industry up a notch, by implementing higher standards of service in conjunction with intuitive technology. The Morpho Group is a gateway to transformation with our finest business hotels.

Crystal by Morpho